About Us

RoyaltyFree- OutboundMusic is a service that has evolved from the independent music promotion company, OutboundMusic.com. Since 2001, Outbound Music has sought out great songs and has established partnerships with the creators and performers of those songs. Outbound Music promotes that music primarily through its own online radio stations. These radio stations are like no other stations. The first thing that sets them apart is the underlying business model. Unlike the traditional business model for radio, Outbound Music steers away from the licensing agencies in favor of partnering directly with the creators and performers of music. Outbound Music artists receive 85% of the radio-generated ad revenue. This makes the artists, collectively, the majority partner of OutboundMusic.com. In contrast, other internet radio stations pay perhaps up to 60% or 70% of their revenue to the licensing agencies who then distribute that revenue, less the agencies' fees, to the owners of the music. Not being bound to licensing restrictions also means that Outbound Music is able to broadcast worldwide.