About Our Music

Our music comes from the radio library of OutboundMusic.com. The music originates from partnering independent artists and independent record labels. We take the quality of our music seriously. Not all artists and labels who apply for partnership with OutboundMusic are accepted. Once in partnership, artists add as much music as they'd like to their accounts. The OutboundMusic A&R team then carefully considers each song for potential broadcast on their radios. OutboundMusic does not broadcast classics or popular major label hits, so we must go the extra mile to keep our audience engaged. We aim for only the most powerful and hooky songs. For this reason, not every song added to the site is selected for radio. The result is a highly filtered and ever-growing pool of music we license to radios.

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Americana, Folk, Singer-Songwriter

Pop, R&B, Hip Hop
Country, Bluegrass

Jazz, Funk, Blues and World

Ambient, Sci-Fi

Piano Instrumental

Alternative Rock

Contemporary Christian, Praise & Worship

Urban Christian

Country Christian

Gospel, Religious